Multi Modal Learning in Early Childhood- Essay title is Critically discuss the theories and approaches to developing literacy and multimodal learning in early childhood.

Project description
Submission of Essay: Critically discuss the theories and approaches to developing literacy and multi modal learning in early childhood. The essay should also include theories of play based learning and multi modality.

I am uploading an essay to edit which I think can be improved.

Please include start with explaining what Multi modal leaning is and how it can be seen to help children’s learning.
*consider critically how children acquire or develop language and competing theories *The nature of narrative and emergent literacies.
*The resources and context, which examines the selection and use of story, rhyme, song, poems, to support and extend literacy; thinking about the role of drama and the use of story props puppets, small world, Digital technologies and the creative arts.
*The needs of bilingual children, which discusses how to understand the linguistic repertoire of pupils and how to provide opportunities to support and extend their learning; case studies of bi-literate pupils; the role of texts in different languages.
Supporting and extending reading, which addresses and critiques competing theories on how children learn to read.
Supporting and extending writing, which explores the complexity of becoming a writer; supporting and extending young writers; writing for different audiences and purposes.
The critical consideration of a variety of expressive and creative arts addressed, including electronic and digital forms of symbolic representation, and how they may be contextualised.

1.Use theories regarding the differences between top-down and bottom-up approaches to the teaching of literacy in settings and in reception classes in a critical evaluation of literacy practice in the Foundation Stage.
2.Appreciate the importance for learning of storytelling, books, speaking and listening in all settings; visual, digital and creative technologies for childrens narratives.
3.Reflect on and discuss approaches to support childrens multimodal learning
4.Demonstrate sound academic skills in formative and summative assessments
5.Be able to plan meaningful, play-based activities that engage all children, including those with special needs and those with English as an additional language.

please write in clear simple english like the essay.

Instruction files

multimodal.docx(28,18 KiB)

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