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*State your audience.*Clearly articulate your position as well as the reasons why you hold this position, using evidence to support the validity of your stance.*Present information confidently and efficiently.*Use established information for support, as well as personal “evidence” (if applicable) such as short anecdotes and examples from your own experience, or the experience of others.*Maintain a persuasive tone that will be accessible (not alienating or insulting) to your particular audience.Your book offers a variety of topic suggestions for the Persuasive Research Paper.  You’ve probably noticed at all of the topics in the book deal with controversial issues.  This is always true of persuasive research topics.  After all, if everyone already agrees on something, why would you need to persuade them?All of these topics work well for these paper, so feel free to consider any of the suggestions in the book. Notice that there are really no limits in terms of your topics for this paper.  However, you do want to pick something that is specific-enough in focus, so that you can adequately cover the topic in 4-6 pages (at least 1000-1500 words). Your topics for this paper, in my class, can also be related to national current events, national policies, or issues of national debate (other than the specific topics that I have warned again in the “Assignment” section).  Alternatively, your topic can be focused on a local or workplace issues.  I do, however, have two important recommendations:   1.) Try to steer away from topics that have already been beaten to death or that are impossible to prove using logic or evidence.  For instance, “abortion” has been written about so much that it’s difficult for someone to say anything new.  Likewise, issues of faith (such as “why everyone should be a part of X religion”) are also problematic, as they are issues of Since “faith” by nature means that you believe in something even though you can’t prove it, topics related to faith don’t work very well for the Persuasive Research Paper.2.) Choose something you care about.  Once again, the best writing has passion and conviction behind it.  And, in this paper, you may spend a little time discussing your personal connection or personal stake in the issue.  In fact, I highly recommend that you do include at least a brief discussion of your personal connection/stake, as this makes the paper more interesting, creative, and individualized.Our reading this week in Chapter 6 offers you examples of position papers and a detailed discussion of the strategies you may use in crafting your own paper.  The Guide to Writing section at the end of this chapter is designed to help you choose your topic and find the sources that you need.  (“Sources” for this paper can include dictionaries, encyclopedias, internet articles, magazine or newspaper articles, books, etc.)The Persuasive Research Paper must be 4-6 pages long (at least 1000-1500 words).  You’ll want to provide a clear position and compelling reasons and support for this position.  You will also want to anticipate the objections and opposing positions that you might get in reaction to your paper.  But how do you organize all of this?   

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