New York Times Compare and Contrast

Project description
Examining life in the United States within a 50 year interval using the New York Times as a resource. You are to examine the week of April 25th, 1946 to May 2, 1946. Then April 25th, 1996 to May 2, 1996. Comparing and contrasting the differences by addressing the changes that have occurred. You are to select specific issues to speak about in this essay. For example, in April 1946 they were was a Naperville train disaster that killed 47 in Naperville, Illinois. Then violence would be the issue. You can compare and contrast these issues and how they have changed throughout 50 year interval. The purpose of this essay is to focus on how things have changed or remain the same throughout the 50-year period. But we are only comparing/contrasting the week of April 25 1946 and April 1996. Their also specific directions that I must give for you to access the New York Times as your resource. We are required to use the New York Times to gather all the information for this essay. You will go to to have free access to the New York Times. You would have to click the “New York Times Historical” link. Their they ask you for my username and password.
My username is: pedro.abreu1 my password is Lehman25
Once your in the website, you will have to modify your search. Select the dates you are writing information about. Like from April 25, 1946 to May 2, 1946 then the same for year 1996. Its a compare and contrast essay. Where you are analyzing big issues around this time. So it is good to know about the general problems that occurred. You will have to write the issue in the search bar and search for the resources that best suit the topic you found. It helps to have a general knowledge of history and what occurred doing these periods. Like this it will be easier to find specific issues.
I have a model paper and instructions I can attach. Feel free to contact me at any point if you are confused about anything. Thank You!
– Footnotes, bibliography, quotation marks when necessary are required.

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