Obtain and Analyze Sociological Demographic Data

Introduction to masters paper on Obtain and Analyze Socilogical Demographic Data in Farmers Branch Tx. Instruction stated to start paper with \”Trends and Current conditions in which includes in topic: Education levels of community members, income levels of community members in Farmers Branch Tx, Household size and compositions in community, age distributions of community members from birth to senior citizen status, gender, ethnicity, and one other source from the sociological profile inventory. Do not need references or sources already have them just one page for introduction. This is for Masters class APA style. No sources are needed. Just need an introduction to start the paper that includes thoes items listed above in the introduction. Again just need an introduction that begins with \”Trends and Current Conditions\” I have the current Microsoft word as well.

Again just an introduction double space APA style masters degree Activity is Obtain and Analyze Socilogical Demographic Data and mine is from Farmers Branch, Texas.. APA STYLE

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