On metaphysics, science, or free will

Identify one view your disagree with from our reading on science, metaphysics, or free will (Unger, Appiah, Thomasson, Rinard, Douglas, Strawson, or Vargas). In 3-4 pages (850-1100 words), explain the view in the clearest way you can, then present the best objection you can to it.

Your objection must be different from any objections that were discussed in the readings or that I presented in lecture. If you wrote a paper on Appiah for the linked writing course, this paper must be about a different author.

Your paper should be structured as follows: Begin with a short (i.e. 1-paragraph) introduction that explains your main view and how you\’ll proceed. In Section 1, describe the view you\’re discussing as clearly and concisely as possible, clarifying any important ambiguities. In Section 2, present your novel objection to that view. Explain why you think that objection is a good one (and limit yourself to one objection). Use headings for your sections.

More specific directions:

-The style of your paper should be the same as what you aimed for in Paper 1. The short sample papers are still a good guide.

-Get to the point as quickly as possible. Do not give any more background in your introduction than is strictly necessary. Avoid big-picture statements, unless they\’re the specific thing you want to discuss.

-Make your writing clear and concise. If a sentence is more than 20 words, think about how to break it down into shorter sentences.

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