Operations Management

Project description
Assessment: Coursework (100% weighting)
Report Format

Using a case organisation, or a department, or key operational process within a case organisation of your choice and through relevant in-depth reading and research:

Part 1
Define, classify and characterise the dominant operational transformation process and devise and prioritise operational objectives for the case organisation.

Ensure your discussion includes comments on the nature of the product/service provided and the relationship and differences between the manufacturing and service processes that might exist.

Part 2
Using appropriate operations strategy models classify and analyse the existing operational strategy for a case organisation and evaluate whether the strategy is suitable to meet the current operational objectives.

From the analysis and evaluation, determine the gaps in performance and make recommendations as to what improvements might be made.
Justify your recommendations using suitable academic sources and suggest suitable performance management systems/performance metrics that you could use to evaluate the success of the strategy.

This coursework assignment addresses assessment of learning objectives 1, 2 and 3.
Learning Outcomes for Module
On completion of this module, students are expected to be able
1. Critically evaluate the concepts, systems and strategies
relevant to operations management.
2. Synthesise and apply these concepts systems and strategies
in operational environments.
3. Autonomously analyse and solve problems associated with
the design, planning and control of the production of goods
and services.

Assessment Guidelines
Coursework allows students to study, review, analyse and present solutions to extended problems or cases. It also allows students to develop their skills in the preparation of high quality reports.
Coursework assignments are designed to assess students understanding and ability to apply the range of concepts, theories and models examined in the taught modules. Assignments are often open-ended and will always require a high level of independent research that stretches beyond the taught module material.

The following notes are provided by way of additional information:

The report should:
Demonstrate the contribution of your topic to achieving competitive advantage for organisations through the achievement of the operational objectives;
Demonstrate understanding of current thinking in the topic concerned, by the application of research from books, journals or other current sources;
Be conducted within the context of a case organisation which may be your own organisation if appropriate or one with which you are familiar or be sourced from suitable written case study material.

core textbook, Slack et al. 2010, Operations Management
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