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For any company, its employees are its main assets. A company is known for the quality of its work which is dependent upon the employees of that company. The most important ingredient a company required achieving progress is the reliable and diligent workforce. A workforce of devoted and loyal employees can directly impact the overall performance and progress of any organization.

Here, at foxwriting.com, we value our employees more than anything else. Undoubtedly, our success and constantly increasing quality of products is ascribed to the hard work and devotion of our committed and dexterous employees. Given the important role that employees play in a company’s success and performance, we ought to let our customers know that on what criteria we hire the services of writers and what strategies do we follow for their betterment and for keeping them engaged in their work.

Criteria for employees’ selection:

With constantly elevating unemployment, especially in third world countries, there has come a notable rise in number of people in search of job. Given this scenario, we experience an intense influx of job applications, on daily basis. Here, we proudly mention that we receive job applications of freelance writers from around the globe and we consider all of those.

Then there is the crucial task of filtering and selecting the best of the minds amongst all the applicants. We take great care at this selection level and to do that we critically scrutinize the abilities and experience of all the applicants. Only those candidates pass through our scrutiny who we think are talented and devoted enough to play a constructive role in strengthening the level of our organization.

The characteristics features that we take under consideration, while selecting the best available individuals, include English writing skills, approaches to deal with sudden and 11th hour change in situations, the streak of creativity they have, punctuality and regularity, range of study areas he/she can work in and level of knowledge and acquaintance with rules and regulations regarding text formatting, referencing and writing styles. To evaluate the candidates for all these features, we conduct different tests. These tests include writing, re-writing, formatting and reviewing different piece of writing while using the best of their vocabulary, grammar skills and knowledge of different formats (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian and others).

Quality check assessments

As mentioned previously, the quality of products of any company shares a relation of direct proportionality with the capabilities of its employees. To make share that the quality of our products never falls and fails satisfy our clients, we regularly run different quality checks. A part of that quality check control comprises of employee performance check. For making this rather more of an efficient and productive activity, we have made am Evaluation Department. This department conducts random checks, on writing products by employees, by

Performance check:

Apart from keeping a checking on the quality of work, we also observe and evaluate the performance of our writers. To assess their overall performance, we consider use few indicators. These indicators include taking under consideration the feedback of our clients, keeping and checking the record of complaints and timely completion issues. This way, we can easily get to know that which writers exhibit more professional attitude than the others.

A pool of international writers:

Just like any other writing services organization, we also engage a huge number of freelance writers and editors from different parts of the world. We have writers from USA, UK, Canada, France and many other Asian countries. This great level of diversity in our workforce is what enables us to deal with customers from different parts of world. Writers, from different parts of world, carry with them variable levels and types of knowledge and approaches regarding writing skills and this we use as our ultimate strength.

Best possible allotment of orders:

Which order should be given to which of the writers?

That is a question of immense importance. Assignment of a task to a person who isn’t the best suitable one to do that is the mistake which leads to quality issues. To avoid such situations, we have formulated a whole system to sort out the allotment of orders in best possible ways. To take these assignment allotment decisions, we consider the fields of specialization, experience and customer feedback for each writer.

Writer friendly policies:

An employee cannot be expected to do his best without giving him any kind of appreciation or reward and we take care of this very well. To keeps the morals of writers up and to give them a driving force to work harder, we reward them in different ways. We reward them by increasing their payments after every excellent product they produce; we award and praise them with through performance excellence certificates and other forms of verbal appreciation.

Client-writer interaction:

Since we work efficiently as a mediator in client-writer interaction, there are very few instances where a client demands to directly interact with the writer to whom their order is given. In such cases, after taking the consent of both sides, we let them interact. We also facilitate our clients by letting them choose the writer to whom they want to allot their orders. To make this process easier and smoother, for a very reasonable fee of US$ 5only, we also let our clients review some of the products by different writers.

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