Paintings in the Baroque and Rococo Period

Your assignment: choose one painting from the Baroque period (The Calling of St. Matthew by Caravaggio) and one Rococo painting (The Swing by Jean-Honroe Fragonard). Study the chosen paintings. Think about the subject matter. How important are religious connotations for the chosen works? An important feature of Baroque art is placement of figures. In many cases they don\’t fit in the picture frame. Look at your paintings, think about their compositional features and the placement of figures in the picture frame. How far are you from the scene? Are you made part of the event? What about the color palette and chiaroscuro? Is there tenebrism? How are women presented (if applicable)?

After you observe the chosen paintings, summarize your findings in the essay. You should start with a brief introduction and have your thesis statement as the last sentence of the introduction. Make your thesis statement meaningful and highlight it. Avoid \”In this essay I will discuss ABC and XYZ\” type of statements.
Instruction files

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