paper on the current presidential election

For this assignment you will:  View two primary presidential debates from the last month, one must be a Democratic debate and one must be a Republican debate.  After viewing the debates in their entirety, you will choose three topics that were highlighted  Discuss two different solutions provided by the candidates for each of the topics. You should provide one Republican solution and one Democratic solution. For each solution you should provide an in-text citation from the candidate’s website.  Include an introduction with the debates that you watched highlighting all the candidates that participated in the debate as well as the issues that will be discussed in the paper.  Include six in-text citations and a reference section.  Include a conclusion that states the presidential candidate whom you will chose and why.  Also in the conclusion, you will state the type of government we have in the United States and an explanation of why you believe this is our form of government. The paper should be 5-pages, 12-point Times New Roman font in APA format. 

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