Passage Analysis: Ivan Bunin,

Project description
Discuss the significance of the passage in terms of the themes and images it presents as well as its relation to the work as a whole. Your discussion should not just be a summary of the plot of the work, but should present an analysis of the important themes, images, and ideas present in the passage, as well as address how those elements relate to the rest of the story.

From The Gentleman from San Francisco:
And the body of the dead old man from San Francisco was returning home, to its grave, to the shores of the New World. Having been subjected to many humiliations, much human neglect, after a weeks wandering from one warehouse to another, it was carried at last on to the same renowned vessel which so short a time ago, and with such honour had borne him living to the Old World. But now he was to be hidden far from the knowledge of the voyagers. Closed in a tar-coated coffin, he was lowered deep into the vessels dark hold. And again, again the ship set out on the long voyage. She passed at night near Capri, and to those who were looking out from the island, sad seemed the lights of the ship slowly hiding themselves in the seas darkness. But there aboard the liner, in the bright halls shining with lights and marble, gay dancing filled the evening, as usual

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