performance critique of the play

watch a measure for measure play online.(please copy the website address at the end so I can look it up).
1.In a short paragraph discuss the stasis(the world of the play). When and where does the action of the play take place? what is the social and cultural background of the principal characters? what is their relationship to each other? how does the early action and dialogue introduce the themes of the play?
2. In a short paragraph discuss hoe the color palette(the group of colors chosen by the set and costume designers), contributes to the mood or tone of the production and visually define the principal characters.
Briefly describe the set and costumes of the principal characters. then discuss how the colors that were used by the set designer contribute to the mood and tone of the production. then discuss how colors chosen by the costume designer contribute to the mood of the production and the audience\’s intuitive understanding of each of the principal characters. in other words, how do the colors fit the character?
no need for name class… on top, a full page please.

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