Personal and professional development

– Being organised
-Being punctual
-Ability to pay attention during a lecture
-Understand, ascertain topics that are being explained
-Taking down necessary notes in lectures
-Ask questions when I dont understand something

-Cannot pay attention for more than 90 minutes straight
-getting distracted sometimes when doing work
-Have to take a break after 1 hour continuous working

-Handing in HW on time
-Have notes to use doing HW
-Organising tasks in a way that i dont miss deadline dates
-clarification of confusing parts
-connections with lecurers at my university

-delay on doing homework due to distraction
-hurt my ability to do actual in a workplace which involves staying longer than 90 minutes in a single space
-too much competition in the aviation industry

above is my self swot analysis, please use that for this assignment which is a self assesment and other activities within the work place

i will attach a copy of a template of another student in my class, please use this as a strict guide line on how you will be able to do this assignment.

please do not deviate or add anything other than what is requested and please dont forget to base the writing on the self swot analysis i have written above.

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