Persuasive Sales Letter and Peer Responses

 March 7, 2015  Chris Thomas Director of Marketing Adco Corporation1987 Carillion Parkway Suite 104Dayton, OH 45444Dear Chris Thomas: Gain attention, arouse reader interest. Do this by telling a short anecdote or mini-story. Another effective technique states provocative facts and/or statistics. One If you wanted to sell home security systems, for example, you could begin the letter with a sentence that gives statistics on breaking and entering incidents in the reader’s neighborhood. If you wanted to sell a cleaning service, you could tell an anecdote that might begin with “Imagine coming home to a sparkling clean house.” You can also combine stories and statistics. Conclude your paragraph by telling the reader what, exactly, you want to sell. Remember to use “you-attitude.” Avoid phrases like “I have come up with great idea,” or “I have researched for years,” and so forth. Focus on what the reader will received. (Make this paragraph 5-7 lines.)Develop your assertions about your product or service. Describe the product or service in detail. If you’re selling a cleaning service, state exactly WHAT gets cleaned. State HOW, WHERE, and WHEN. If you’re selling a product, give colors, sizes, dimensions and so forth. (Make this paragraph 5-7 lines.)Explain the benefits of your product and service. Remember, these are benefits to the reader. Use a bulleted or numbered list to make your points stand out. Make sure you have at least two sentences and then begin your bulleted list. Be sure the items listed are parallel; that is, begin each bullet with the same kind of word with the same structure. (This paragraph should be at least 5-7 lines. Count each bullet or number as a line, so you need at least two sentences above and three bullets above to make five lines.)Notice on the above bulleted list, each item begins with a verb that is in present tense. Make sure your bullets are also parallel. You don’t have to begin with verbs, but do make sure each bullet begins with the same  of word.Make your readers act. This is where you state WHEN and WHAT the reader should do. Offer specific dates and times; tell them how they can contact you. (This paragraph should be 2-3 lines.)Sincerely, Dim Carcrashian : Remember the “forbidden words! Use precise words throughout this letter. Limit the use of passive voice verbs (is, are, was, were, be, been, being, am) to no more than ONE per paragraph.Print your letter and examine it closely. If the letter uses two pages, that’s okay, but don’t leave the “Sincerely,” and your name hanging alone on page two. (That just looks strange.) If you need to, adjust the top and bottom margins of the letter to fit on one page, or you can put the final paragraph along with the closing and your name on page two.     

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