Please write a persons specification

Project description
Education and Experience
Minimum Level 3 qualification in childcare/early years practice with suitable practice placements (e.g. NNEB Certificate, NVQ Level 3 – Childcare/Early Years Care, BTEC Nationals in Childhood Studies or equivalent )
Substantial post qualifying experience of working with children under 5 in an early years setting.

Educated to Maths and English GCSE (A-C) or committed to undertaking qualifications within 1 year
Knowledge, Skills and abilities
Demonstrate the ability to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, and provide a safe learning environment and recognise when a child is in danger or at risk of abuse.
Secure knowledge of early childhood development and the importance of early identification and intervention including the range of factors that can inhibit childrens learning and development.
Knowledge and understanding of the national early years framework and the importance of play in young childrens development and learning.
Demonstrate the ability to promote and create a stimulating learning environment that promote all aspects of childrens learning and development, including for children with SEND, through a range of effective strategies.

Knowledge and an understanding of the importance of the childs well-being and ability to meet the physical and emotional needs of young children. Including those with additional social, emotional or special education needs.
Demonstrate a knowledge of how to share information appropriately and safeguarding practice, policy and procedure and the ability to recognise when a child is in danger or at risk of abuse.
Demonstrate the ability to effectively contribute and support staff with the observation, assessment, tracking and planning systems in place.
Demonstrate the ability to relate easily and communicate effectively with children aged birth to 5, listening and responding sensitively.
Demonstrate the ability to develop effective relationships with parent/carers and support them in promoting their childrens learning and development in the home.
Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with multi-agency staff and to work as part of a team contributing to policy development and evaluation where appropriate.
Demonstrate a knowledge of current developments and issues in the education and care of young children, including those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged
E15 High level of written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
To have relevant IT skills, be willing to develop these skills as necessary and be familiar with relevant software.
E17 Demonstrate the ability to support and motivate colleagues in specific areas of practice, as required.
An understanding of the process of the common assessment framework and ability to act as lead professional
Scale 6
E19 Demonstrate the ability to analyse data and identify future actions for development.
E20 Demonstrate the ability to lead, develop and support staff and services.

Commitment to Equal Opportunities
E21 Ability to adhere to the Councils Dignity for All policy
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Please write a few sentences for each point and providing evidence of how each is carried out making me the perfect match for this position I have written some please make improvements and address all the points above.
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