Police racial profiling

-An introduction which provides your reader with the necessary background information he or she will need in order to understand the topic of my essay.
-Effective paragraph organization–general topic sentences and specific support sentences.
-Evidence from various sources to support the argument.
-USE of FANBOYS, subordinators, and noun phrase appositives.
– Correct use of MLA format for both parenthetical references to the text as well as a Works Cited page at the end of my essay.

-Will need at least 3 scholarly articles and 2 newspaper/magazine articles
– will need incorporate data and results from my own surveys when applicable
– Also, I can include chapters from full-length texts, documentary films, and websites

a) What background information does your reader need to know about your topic?
– What racial profiling is (definition) add statistics
b) If this is a controversial issue, what are different arguments for/against this specific topic?
c) What primary and secondary research have you completed?
d) THESIS: my research questions , which is :

FIRST 3 Paragraphs – SUB-TOPIC/CENTRAL ISSUES (one page each paragraph)
(this are topic sentences i though to use for my central issues
1. Local police department do not accurately report the ethnicity of Latinos pulled over by the police.

2.Latinos get racially profiled because of lack of education in what racial profiling really is.

3.Latinos get racially profiled because law enforcement authorities think Latinos are individuals that perpetrate crimes.

Paragraphs 4,5,and 6 are my solutions (one paragraph for each solution) – one page each solution

1. Harsher punishment on officers
-getting them suspended for couple days isn\’t enough and they are most likely to do it again.
-Officers should not get paid leave

2. Building a stronger relationship with the community
-judge people on how they act rather than how people look
-Look for people who are actually breaking the law rather racial groups,
-Community Policing
-Ride-Along Programs

3. Cultural sensitivity training for all police officers
-train police officers to treat all races equally
-officers should take cultural sensitivity
-police departments should review their data regarding stops and arrest.

CONCLUSION: (1/2 page or more)
Overall summary of research
what to predict will happen if the solutions I am recommending are carried out? what would happen if San Mateo County does not follow your recommended solutions?

IN THIS PARAGRAPH BELOW I WAS JUST WRITING IDEAS TO INCLUDE IN MY INTRO PARAGRAPH (i know is not well orgarize but i was trying to get ideas not sure if it would help)

Research shows that the studies of racial profiling recommend organizational initiatives such as having an explicit policy of not permitting racial profiling, training and educating officers on the impact of racial profiling, and keeping and monitoring data on such decisions to deal with the problem. In our research, we conducted a survey that was based on this question: do Latinos experience racial profiling by Police Officers in San Mateo? Police officers take oath to serve and protect and serve the community, but statistical data shows police officers racially profile citizens nationwide. We chose this issue because we wanted to know if this issue is happening in San Mateo community and is Racial Profiling affecting Latinos in San Mateo County. Based on surveys handed out throughout San Mateo, Foster City, Half Moon Bay, in shopping centers, schools, and workplaces racial profiling is viewed positively. This surveys indicate the main cause of racial profiling. This essay will explore the various ways racial profiling is viewed in the San Mateo County and provide solutions so that Latinos know when they are being racially profiled.

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