Prison Industrial Complex and how it disproportionately targets african americans

3)Develop an argument or point of view about the issue.

4) Gather information about the issue from published sources, i.e., provide are view of the issue

5)Evaluate or critically analyze this evidencedoes it provide support for your argument? Are there shortcomings associated with this evidence? Does this evidence comport with or conform with your own observations. If not, why not?

I. e., provide a thorough discussion of the issue, support or lack of support for it based on published works; your assessment and evaluation of these works, and whether or not this information is consistent with your own experiences and observations. Also, provide some indication of what you see as future
developments concerning this issue.

6)Create an outline for the written report.

7)Write the report. Be certain to provide an indication of the research question
i.e., what the issue is and your point of view as regards the issue at the outset of the report. In other words, give the purpose of the paper early on. And, after reviewing the evidence for your argument body of the paper, give an indication of the appropriate conclusions to be drawn from your discussion of the issue. And, make certain to include a reference page at the end of your report that shows the sources you used for your citations and any quotes contained within the paper.

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