Program Proposal

Project description

Imagine you have been asked to prepare and present a proposal to a group of elders in a church (or trustees in an organization) on meeting the needs of military veterans in our community. You have demonstrated your knowledge and passion to minister to men and women in your community who have served our armed forces and are now trying to reintegrate back into family, society, church, and transition into new careers. It is your desire to conduct a weekly small group in your church (community) that will help meet some of the needs you know that these veterans have.

Your proposal will consist of the various bullet points below and will explain how the program will be conducted. You are presenting How-to documents explaining each session that you will conduct with the needed materials you will utilize.

Your first paragraph or 2 will be a brief justification for this program. Make an argument for this needed group based upon some of the current research for these needed services. This section is not a long section but a brief argument that you might make as you ready yourself to explain the program in detail.
Who is your population for the program? What veterans would benefit from this program?
What are your projected outcomes? What are you trying to do for/with people?
What are your areas of focus going to be? (family, loss, trauma, career transition, community/church service, etc.)
How will these areas of focus be addressed, taught, treated?
How many weeks will the program lasts? You may decide that the program will take 2 weeks to address some issues while others may more or less.
Where will the classes be held?
How will it be funded?
How will you advertise for the program? (church newsletter, local new paper, Veteran Affairs hospital, Veteran of Foreign Wars Post)

As you can see this assignment has tremendous potential to be a powerful ministry to any church and community. I want to encourage you to give your best to this project as many students find themselves conducting these kinds of projects. God has a way of creating a passion for work we invest in.
Length of the paper: 10-12 pages. Points will be deducted if the paper is below 10 pages or exceeds 12 pages. (Including title page, abstract, and references.)
Your paper must include at least 10 references no older than 5 years old.
Follow APA format. Review the APA Grading Rubric for guidance regarding grading factors, and, for additional aid, research the Purdue Online Writing Lab at
The Proposal will be graded on thoroughness, content, and integration of Biblical perspective.

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