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I need to add (at the beginning or at the end) some discussion of the history, style and nature of promotional videos to…
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How to make a Promotional Video (literature review)
The creation of apromotionvideois the complex process that requires theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and proper equipment. The theory can be acquired through Internet guides or books, the equipment can be chosen according to the basic needs and the practice would be gained in the process of the filming. There are five stages ofvideo creation: Strategic planning, Pre-production, Production and Post-production and editing, andpromotionof thevideoon the Internet (Ruffell, 2011).
There are five basic roles required forvideomaking: Director, Producer, Visual professional to operate with camera and lights, audio technician and editor. These roles may be performed by one person, but preferably by different people. It is basically very important to know, for what type of audience thevideois shot. The quality of the shotvideoshould be as high as possible. However, a good video can be gladly met even without a high-res picture (Boag, 2014). However, if one attempts to sell something expensive and to a more discerning audience the quality should be appropriate.
That means well-chosen lights and focusedvideo, usage of B-rolls, clearly understandable narration, proper musical background, and an adequate way of expressing the main idea by means of all these components. Thevideoshould include the proper plot expressed in the suitable and charismatic manner. There is a variety of ways to make the buyers sympathize, for example to introduce the production personally or to show the backstage of the process of its creation (Woodbury, 2014). Thevideoshould be also properly structured. The structure of the videoshould be thought out in the stage of Pre-production: The welcoming should be charismatic, friendly and reliable, the main idea should be demonstrated briefly and correctly, thevideoitself should look polished and motivating. The usage of multiple angles and inserts can be a good idea, but it should not be overused.
The editing of a promotional video is a crucial step. For this purpose, it is important to understand the camera, equipment and editing software that are required to gear production. The first important aspect is to choose appropriate software (Dancyger, 2007). Before starting the story board and the shooting script should be put together to assess which scenes suits the best or does not matches the script should be eliminated (Musburger & Kindem, 2012). The necessary changes in the selected scenes should be made to ensure that they meet the script. Also, the video maker should make use of high professional videography B-roll footage (Reisz & Millar, 2010 ). For this, it is important to choose the footage that has best quality and diversity among the other footage making appropriate arrangement and positioning of the shots framed and staged with the composition (Musburger R. B., 2012). The shots that follow the rule of third should be aligned to shot the scene. Further, it is important to make use of the lighting technique. You should make use of temperature measures to avoid conflict with the natural and artificial light using potential contrast of the light sources. The other main thing that should be followed is to white balance the light sources according to different temperatures to avoid colour casting. After this, it is important to make sure that the shots taken are spotlighted through lightening techniques to get certain effects by making use of reflection and diffuser to reduce harsh spotting. The clips should be edited using different trimming clips and adjust them in sequences to make a flow in the video (Daum, 2012). Clip is assembled in an editing program to deal with the timing issues which arise during screening. The video is finalized by adding visual effects and aligning scenes (Musburger R. B., 2012).
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200 words on the history, style and nature of promotional videos
and 50 words at the end explain what is B-roll and why it is important? (and if there will be words please explain What is the rule of thirds in filming)

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