Provide the trends of EUR/HKD over the last 10 years as evidences.

This paper is part of group work. This section is about exchange rate risk and its management that our group ask me to do.

The main contents of this section are the exchange rate risk of Philips ( faced in HongKong and how can the company manage this risk. Hence, please make sure the paper covers the following contents:

1) Provide the trends of EUR/HKD over the last 10 years as evidences.

2) Provide definitions for Foreign exchange rate risk. Also, apply literature to describe the three main major foreign exchange exposures (Transaction Exposure, Translation Exposure, and Operating Exposure) Briefly.

3) Apply literature to analyse how can Philips manage foreign exchange rate risk. Tools include Hedging and Financial Derivatives such as forward or futures contract, options, etc. You need to discuss the benefits and limitations each method of foreign exchange rate risk management using in this paper. For example, natural hedging, benefits of using it to Philips? Any limitations? Provide references for your discussion.

As this is a part of a group work. Hence, do not do any introduction and Conclusion in this paper.
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