THE SCENARIO: You are the Manager of the Boston Red Sox and pitching disappointments and/or position player injuries have necessitated promoting several young athletes to the senior club before they were prepared for the change to Boston and the Red Sox. Although talented in the sport, several seemingly lack psychological skills necessary for optimum success in any sport. You are a local Sport Psychologist with a consultation contract with the Red Sox and have been

I. Read local sport stories and select one such athlete. Capture a little biographical information and then create/describe three psychological characteristics (Fig. 12.20 where deficits have been noted.

II. Using the illustration from Figure 12.3 develop your hierarchical structure of professional philosophy. You will need earlier text content (e.g., theoretical paradigm, model of practice, and techniques) to fully develop the content of your model. Please discuss each level in your model do no simply construct a pyramid with labels.

III. Present your Psychological Skills Training Program
PHASE ONE: Who is the client what are the considerations and cautions (e.g., reporting and confidentiality).

PHASE TWO: Initial meeting with the athlete what are your objectives and must your avoid, etc.

PHASE THREE: Education of the Sport Psychologist what is your status? What do you need? Whats not necessary?

PHASE FOUR: Development of a Needs Assessment Plan. Discuss all steps you will require for this stage.

PHASE FIVE: Psychological Methods and Strategies to be Taught = Based on your needs assessment. What steps, in what sequence, are to be addressed.

PHASE SIX: Actual Teaching & Learning of Selected Psychological Methods
1. What methods are to be taught, practiced, and applied in competition

2. Performance routines developed.

PHASE SEVEN: Ongoing and End-of-Season Evaluation Plan. )When, how often, goals, etc.)

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