Python solution

def menu():    allStudentMarks = {}  #Storage for all students marks. The storage is in the form of a dictionary data structure    while True:        kbinput = input(“Enter 1 to store student details\n” +                    “Enter 2 to display student report\n” +                    “Enter any other key to exit\n”)         if kbinput == ‘1’:                allStudentMarks = enterAllMarksOfAStudentToStorage(allStudentMarks)        elif kbinput == ‘2’:                displayAllReports(allStudentMarks)        elif kbinput!=’1′ and kbinput != ‘2’:            break #break could have been replaced by return. return returns the control flow out of the function                    #break breaks the control out of the loop def enterAllMarksOfAStudentToStorage(allStudentMarks):    while True:        fname = input(“Enter a student’s full name\n”)        if searchStudentMarks(fname,allStudentMarks ):            print(fname, ” already exists in the system. Choose another name\n”)        else:            break     #enter valid marks for DF Report; valid marks range: 0 to 20    while True:        dfReportMarks = input(“enter marks for DF Report; valid marks range: 0 to 20\n”)        dfReportMarks = float (dfReportMarks)        if dfReportMarks >= 0 and dfReportMarks <= 20:            break     #enter valid makrs for Project: valid marks range: 0 to 30    while True:        projectMarks = input("enter marks for Project; valid marks range: 0 to 30\n")        projectMarks = float (projectMarks)        if projectMarks >= 0 and projectMarks <= 30:            break     while True:        finalExamMarks = input("enter marks for Final Exam; valid marks range: 0 to 50\n")        finalExamMarks = float (finalExamMarks)        if finalExamMarks >= 0 and finalExamMarks <= 50:            break     studentMarks = [dfReportMarks, projectMarks, finalExamMarks]     allStudentMarks[fname] = studentMarks      ##temporary code to display current dictionary content    for k, v in allStudentMarks.items():        print ("Student ", k, "'s marks are \n")        for m in v:            print(m, "\t")     return allStudentMarks def displayAllReports(allStudentsDetails):     kbinput = int (input("Enter 1 to get DF Report Marks\n" +            "Enter 2 to get Project Marks\n" +            "Enter 3 to get Final Exam Marks\n" +            "Enter 4 to get Overall Marks\n" +            "Enter 5 to get Selected Student Marks\n" +            "Enter 6 to get to Menu\n"))     if kbinput == 1:            belowDFAvgDetails = getBelowAvgDFReportMarksReport(allStudentsDetails)            displaySelectedStudentsMarks(belowDFAvgDetails)     if kbinput == 2:             getBelowAvgProjectMarksReport()     if kbinput == 3:            getBelowAvgFinalExamMarksReport()     if kbinput == 4:            getBelowAvgOverallMarksReport()     if kbinput == 5:            displaySelectedStudentsMarks()     if kbinput == 6:            return  def displayAStudentsDetail(aDict):  #1        displayADictionary(aDict)     #2  def displayAList(aListToDisplay):   #3                                print("The marks are in following order: 'DF Report Marks' 'Project Marks' and 'Final Exam Marks'")      #4    for anItem in aListToDisplay:  #5        print(anItem, end=' ')   #6   def displayADictionary(aDict):      #7        for k,v in aDict.items():     #8            print(k, " ", end=" ")  #9            displayAList(v)         #10            print()                 #11  def getBelowAvgDFReportMarksReport(aDictionary): #12        sumOfDFMarks = 0                           #13        for aVal in aDictionary.values():          #14                sumOfDFMarks = sumOfDFMarks + aVal[0]#15        avg = sumOfDFMarks/len(aDictionary)        #16          belowDFAvgDict = {}                        #17        for k, v in aDictionary.items():           #18            if avg> v[0]:                        #19                belowDFAvgDict[k] = v          #20              return [“Below Avg DF Mark: “, avg, belowDFAvgDict] #21  def displaySelectedStudentsMarks(aList):         #22        print(aList[0],aList[1] )                  #23        displayADictionary(aList[2])               #24 def getBelowAvgProjectMarksReport():    print(“The  getBelowAvgProjectMarksReport got invoked\n”) def getBelowAvgFinalExamMarksReport():    print(“The getBelowAvgFinalExamMarksReport got invoked\n”) def getBelowAvgOverallMarksReport():    print(“The getBelowAvgOverallMarksReport got invoked\n”) def displaySelectedStudentsMarks():    print(“The displaySelectedStudentsMarks got invoked\n”)  def searchStudentMarks(newNameOfStudent, allStudentsStorage):    return  newNameOfStudent in allStudentsStorage  menu() 

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