Quantum Devices-Need in 4 Hours!

1. Explain why “giant magnetoresistance” is considered a quantum mechanical phenomena and why it may be classified as “spintronics”. What is its major application? This will require a bit of research on your part. Make sure you list references you used to formulate your answer. DO NOT simply quote Wikipedia!! This will get you few points. (10 points.) 2. In the conclusions of the paper by Sun et. al., it says:“In view of applications, our view is that two-terminal devices such as wires, rectifiers and multivalued logic single-molecule devices can be expected to emerge as the most feasible route towards molecular devices.” (pg 7403, 3full paragraph).Based on the information that the authors present in their paper, why do you believe this is their view? Support your answer with at least three quotes from the content of the paper. Give the page and paragraph number like I did above. (10 points) 3. In the paper by Avouris et. al., a carbon nanotube device is described in Figure 18, where the Vvs. Vcharacteristic is shown (an enlarged copy is attached). In the paper by Stan et. al., one of the reasons digital electronics is so useful is the ability to “reject noise” (Section IV, Part A, pg. 1946). (25 pts. Total) a. For the device in the Avouris paper, if Vis saturated at its largest positive value, what is the minimum change in V() that would cause the inverter to switch so that Vis negative? Show on the figure how you arrived at your number. (10 pts)b. What percentage is this voltage change () of the total possible voltage swing ofV(voltage range from highest to lowest voltage). Show on the attached figure how you arrived at and the total voltage swing for V. (5 pts.)c. According to the criteria that Stan et. al. quotes as needed “noise rejection” for digital electronics (make sure you identify this criteria in your solution), does the carbon nanotube device associated with this figure meet the criteria? Explain. (10 pts.) 4. What will be the ultimate factor that decides what, if any, quantum electronics technology succeeds MIS technology sometime in the future? (5 points) (Hint: it is possible that this question can be correctly answered with one word!)

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