Raptor Computer Program

 Need a Raptor Program and Pseudocode.  Need by Saturday 10 Am Central.  Price Negotiable  Create a text based or GUI menu to perform the following functions1.Stopwatch which shows a start and stop time2.Fat calorie counter3.Food loga.Typeb.Amountc.calories4.Exercise log per weeka.Typeb.Amountc.total5.Exercise Log per week/month6.ExitThe associated code with each menu item should be in modules/procedures to perform the task selected.  The fat calorie counter was the extra credit assigned during class. Directions:create your design in and then code a which generates output to the screen.  Submit a minimum of three files pseudocode, RAPTOR and Outputm using the following convention filling in the blank of the type filewith the title of the option you choose.You may program the FINAL RAPTOR program in either procedural or object-oriented style.  You may use the bubble sort, swap and search algorithms posted on the discussion board.  It does not count against your grade if you do not get it correct.Develop a test case for the option you chose and deliver it in a spreadsheet format such as Excel or a table with rows and columns (for word) to include all inputs and outputs variable names in the header along with values.

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