Reflective Writing Assignment

Reflective Writing Assignment Reflecting on your first semester/year in the CLSE program, in what ways have you improved personally and professionally compared to a year ago? Emphasize your development based on your personal development (choices, mentality, and motivations) and the influence of the curriculum/courses. Point to specific experiences, assignments, etc. The paper should be about:-1- write an advice to new student who will take this programing course (Introduction to programing using Excel program) and the above prgraph.the points of development:-1- I know how to use Excel very well.2- I know how to read codes.3- I saw the difference between myself in the past and now in terms of using computers.4- The homeworks were very helpful.5- I start writing codes and which line code goes first and which goes after.6- The class Developed my skills very well.7- In year a go I knew nothing in Excel and if there is a chance to take another programing class as elective I would take it.The advice is:-1- Go to TA’s for each homework they are helpful because they correct the homeworks.2- Go to Dr. Tang for homeworks and other staff like before exams.3- Best part in the class when we start writing codes in VBA.4- Come to the class early and you have two late but use them in the end of the semester.5- Try to find an idea for your final project from the beginning of the semester.6- Do your homework as soon as you get free time because the homeworks take most of your time.7- Write notes with her and study hard for exams coz the correction is hard.8- Make your self familiar with TA’s9- Go to the labs because you learn something new and you can ask TA’s10- Do not make this class make you down because all engineering classes like that just keep fighting and hold your breath for 300 level classes.

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