resource planning, supply chain management,facility and work design of disney

Project description
A team of no more than four people must analyze and write an analysis report of the application of OM in a specific industry of choice. The report must be submitted online on the date that is specified in the class schedule. The report write-up should be in the form of a management or consultant report. It should be typed, single or double spaced, and should be fewer than 20 pages, including exhibits, flowcharts, tables, etc., but excluding title, abstract, and reference pages. You must decide the exact content, analysis, and presentation format. An “A” report would be of sufficient high quality to use as an outside consultant’s report (to your client) or as a top-level management’s internal document (to your boss). Plan ahead and get an early start! Just like in the real world, no late reports will be accepted. You will also be making a short presentation of your report to the class. The presentation will be 10% of the overall report grades and be graded based on organization etc..
Organize your analysis so you clearly define the issues and problem(s) to solve in the case, make sure you have a section in the report “base lining” the current situation including numbers if available, and then other sections documenting you analysis of practices around different topics of various chapters. Make sure your report addresses the topics in several chapters but emphasizes certain of them. Your team may decide to address other issues not identified in the textbook (Collier, 2015).
A good management report usually includes an executive summary, a logical sequence of topics with ample use of headings and subheadings to “guide the reader” through the analysis, easy to follow exhibits with “example computations”, all assumptions clearly stated, a final/summary set of recommendations with summary numerical support if appropriate, and so on. Make sure you start and end strong. Poor report organization and/or writing can defeat a good analysis, so spend some time on this part of the assignment. The reader (your boss or client someday) should be able to smoothly move through the report without being confused (Collier, 2015).
And i will upload the 3 PPT about the resouce planning, supply chain, facility and work design

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