A review is critical dissection and analysis of a published work, a company’s service or commercial products. Review writing is a common part of academia which most of the educational institute offer at all levels of education. Not only students have to go through the process of review writing; different companies, authors, music composers, director, film makers and public representatives are also actively involved in reviewing the products launched and work done in their respective fields. One the basis of which product they are about, there are different types of reviews, which namely are as following:

  1. Book reviews
  2. Literature reviews
  3. Composition reviews
  4. User reviews
  5. Film reviews

Book Reviews:

Book reviews are the reviews of published books and many literary websites, authors, columnist and blog writers give their reviews on latest published books. The purpose of these reviews is to allow the book readers, especially those who are very particular and choosy, to have an idea if a particular book worth their time or not. All literary websites are in search of writers who can write for them some quality book reviews which can improve their followings and rating graphs. Book review writing is a very important part of academic activities. The basic purpose of book writing in academia is to let students improve their abilities to thin critically and give way to their creative writing skill development. Since the first step in reviewing a book is to read the book yourself, this activity can develop an interest of students in reading.

Literature Review:

Literature review is a vital part of any research paper, thesis or project report. In literature review, the researcher is supposed to read and evaluate all the relevant published data on his field of study. The basic purpose of literature review is not to mention what was and what wasn’t done by others; the actual purpose is to provide the grounds considering which you made up the question of your research. Literature review is what most of the students find difficult to write in a way which it is supposed to be and the way in which its demand is met.

Composition Reviews:

Music industry, all around the world, is going through a process of evolution and on daily basis there are new compositions made and new genres are developed. With this comes a constant evaluation process which greatly affects trend setting. Ever since it was introduced by human, music has been taught and studied in different corners of the world. Today, world’s top class universities offer degree in music studies. For the students of music studies, the review of music composition is equivalent to what a literature review is for a student of life sciences or what a book review is for a student of English literature.

User Reviews

User reviews are the reviews of different products launched by different companies. The subject or product can be anything; a home appliance, a software, a video game, a tapestry, a vehicle or a cell phone. Different online shopping websites provide there customer with reviews on the products they are selling. This helps users to decide that which product they should prefer over the other. User reviews are important and are involved in the academia for students persuading a degree in business and marketing since it will help them in their practical life to understand what a customer is looking for.

Film Reviews:

The global film industry is at its peak and several products film, short film and documentary films are launched every day. Just like music, film making has also been integrated in education system as a separate field of study. Several institutions offer specialization degrees in this area of study. Students pursuing degrees in this field are required to review movies and documentary films as a part of their course work.

The essence of writing a review is that the reviewer evaluates the subject (the product under study) without actually devaluing it. This is only possible when the reviewer knows which words he/she should use without meaning any disrespect to the owner of the reviewed product. This aspect of review writing is the most difficult thing to deal with and the situation is further worsened when you are not proficient enough in language skills. WEBSITE 2 addresses all these types of reviews with quality and uniqueness you can find nowhere else. Not only do we sell our review products to student, but also to the clients who are in need of book, music and movie reviews for their websites. We also sell review articles on order. For these different types of reviews, we have writers with specializations and considerable experience.

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