Risk Management Case Study Paper

Project description
The case study requirements :

1) You should identify a case involving a financial institutions failure of risk controls. For example, the Bear Stearns MBS Hedge Funds failure in 2007,

2) For the failure, explain what happened, why it happened, and what was the consequence to the institution. Explain what steps have been taken by the institution, or by regulators, to prevent this type of thing from happening again.

3) How effective do you think these prevention measures will be? What else would you recommend?

The paper should be in the 15-20 page range, with a comprehensive list of citations. I would expect that you will examine the 10-K filing and the institutions other regulatory filings. Your should properly format your paper, and use the APA citation.

I will upload some some examples of big loses on derivatives, and you can choose only one of them, and write about it. It is up to you to choose any case from the list, but please tell me which one you will chose (I just want to know when you decide). Also, you can find a pdf copy of the required textbook: http://www.bulentsenver.com/FIN5477/Financial_Institutions_Management_AntonySaunders_TextBook.pdf

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