Role/Impact of social media in Television.

Each student will write an 800 to 1000-word article on some aspect of television. The article should be written in a style that might appear in a TV, media or technology magazine or Web site like one of the following:You want to write about some aspect of television that would be of interest to a general audience. The topics could include things like: the history and development of specific genres of TV shows; the role social media plays in TV watching in general, or in conjunction with specific shows; how Netflix is changing the TV industry; the ground-breaking nature of the TV show how video games are translated into television; the relationship between YouTube and TV episodes. Do NOT write plot summaries of your favorite TV shows. Some acceptable topics:Most of your sources will come from the popular press, not scholarly articles. Think Lexis-Nexis instead of Mass Media and Communication Complete.  Examples of good sources from the popular press include:You can find reputable blogs related to your topic by using the Google. For example, “Top 10 blogs about television” returns:It is up to you to determine whether or not the blog or Internet resource is legitimate. If the Web site is sponsored by a legitimate organization (like a university or an industry organization), then it’s probably good. If the blog has been around for a while, has a lot of posts and has been updated recently, that is also an indication that it has something worthwhile to say. If the blog was created yesterday on   – this is not such a good sign. You must use your judgment. If you are unsure if a Web resource is OK, you may send me the URL to check it out, but I expect you to have done some due diligence first.

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