Assignment Instructions
Assignment: Based on the information provided below, compute the Net Present Value of the project (CO 3). A Net Present Value Template is Attached. (Hint: Don\’t forget to update the discount rate to the amount required for this project and add your cash flow numbers.)

Royal Dutch Shipping is planning on Investing $1,600,000 to buy a freighter. Prepare a net present value analysis based on the assumption that the freighter will be sold for 10% of its cost at the end of the year 5. Assume a 10% cost of capital. Annual operating cash flows for the project are:

Year 1: $380,000
Year 2: $390,000
Year 3: $400,000
Year 4: $410,000
Year 5: $420,000
Prepare a loan amortization schedule based on monthly payments for the $1,600,000 if Royal Dutch Shipping can pay 10% down on a loan for $1,600,000 and can get a loan for 6% interest for 10 years (do not include this in your Net Present Value computations. This is a separate issue. (CO 3). (Hint: )
Instructions: Prepare the homework in Excel template provided. Save your assignment file as \’LastnameFirstinitial-FINC300-3\”, and submit by 11:55 pm ET, Day 7 (Sunday).
Your assignment will be graded according to the following Grading Rubric:

Homework Problems Grading Criteria
Assigned exercises/problems are completed in full.
Work demonstrates effective application of the concepts/principles covered in the chapter.
Work thoroughly explains answers and calculations.
Solutions are calculated with no errors or insignificant errors.

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