Social Work

Essay format APA Style, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, and with 1-inch margins. No less than 5 pages, not counting the works cited page. Use at least 2 additional references along with the book \”From poor law to welfare state\” by Walter Trattner. (Either another book, NY Times/ Wall Street Journal newspaper article, or scholarly journal).


1. Select a film / movie that relates to a historic event. I listed a few suggested resources for exhibits, lectures, films / movies below.

2. Once you have selected the film / movie, go ahead with the intention of taking notes. Try to connect the time period either discussed, or presented in the film / movie to an important social welfare policy that emerged during that same time. Feel free to use any of the chapters from the Trattner text to gather your info.

3. Then, answer the following questions:
a. What time period was covered or mentioned in the film / movie? Explain in detail.
b. What social welfare problems were taking place around this time period? Explain in detail.
c. What was a policy or set of policy attempts, that emerged in order to address the problems of the time? Explain in detail.
d. How are these historic events, social problems, and social welfare policies present in the work that you observed in the movie that you watched? Explain in detail.
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link to choose a film/movie from (has to be from this website)

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