SOCU1016 Cultural Business Practice in Asia: Assignment #3 Critical Reflective Writing

Project description
SOCU1016 Cultural Business Practice in Asia:
Assignment #3 Critical Reflective Writing
Instructions and Criteria Sheet for Critical Reflective Writing (15%)

Reflective practice is a useful tool for any professionals to develop their own insights and improve their practice. Many
professionals, including business professionals, social workers, teachers and nurses use reflective practice to improve their
communication skills with clients and decision making process in their workplaces. For example, managers often need to
make their own decisions in their workplaces. Reflective practice will assist them to prioritise the issues and make decisions.
Critical reflective writing is one method of reflective practice.
This assignment will enable you to make a link between learning about culture, business practice and your future career. It
also aims to increase your familiarity with reflective practice, and throughout the course, you can eventually habituate this
practice. Reflective and critical thinking are closely linked. While the reflective component engages with our values, habits,
and beliefs, it is through the critical component that we assess and negotiate with contradictions in order to better handle
cross-cultural differences. It thus requires engagement with academic materials as well as issues and contexts.
You will use academic references to back-up your claims and validate your judgments. Youre not simply analysing or
describing your learning, but deeply reflecting and planning to apply your learning. Critical analysis is a process to enable
you to make evaluations and judgments by asking questions. At the end of your reflective writing, it is important to include
a clear statement about how your insights / learning will be relevant to your future.
1. Select one group presentation other than your own that you think did the best or you learned most from.
2. Focus on one specific aspect about the group presentation and explain why you chose that.
3. Follow the DIEP structure that we go through in the class the guide is available on Google Site.
4. Check that you have followed the criteria sheet available on Google Site.
1. Word limit: 700 words (Including the references that would be 730 words minimum -to 770 words
2. Style: Double-space and use 12-point font
3. Number of references: At least five academic references (within or outside the course)
4. Referencing Style: Harvard
5. Deadline: 11.59pm on Monday, 9th May, 2016
6. Where to submit: Via Turn It In from Google SiteAssessment’Assignment Submission’ link
7. Screenshot when you submit the assignment through TurnItIn for your record (for your proof of submission
before the deadline when technical issues arise).
* Only academic journal articles, books, book chapters, refereed conference reports are considered as academic
references. Government reports, newspaper articles and blog articles etc. are not counted as academic references.

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