Statistics (Really Easy)

Follow this 3 steps: 1. Determine the Independent and Dependent Variable2. Which one is a continuous and a categorical variable 3. Determine the test you need to use (Chi-Square, T-test, ANOVA, Correlation simple Regression)  1. Sarah is testing a hypothesis and is examining the data to determine whether the three different types of background music in retail stores will influence their sales.  Which test should she use? Explain your answer (hint: follow the 3 steps discussed in my video). (2 points)    2. Which test should be used to test this hypothesis: an individual’s level of self-esteem (measured on 7-point Likert scales) will increase as the number of his/her Facebook friends increases? Explain your answer. (2 points)   3. Which test should be used to test this hypothesis: younger people (18-45 yrs) are more likely to purchase wearable technology products (measured by 10-point bipolar scales) than older people (46 yrs or above)? Explain your answer. (2 points) Part 21.The cross-tabulation table summarizes an NBA team’s game results by game location.    Game   Won    Lost    TotalHome   31        10       41Road    23        18       41Total     54         28      82 A) Calcualte the expected Frequency for each cell.B) Calculate the chi-square statistic   

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