Strategic Management Essay on Inside Paypal or Inside Bayern Munich

I need help on a essay of 1000 words on EITHER \”Inside Paypal\” or \”Inside Bayern Munich\”. You are either \”Inside Paypal\” or \”Inside Bayern Munich\” and then of either Paypal or Bayern Munich, , as well as the behind the competency, that has been developed to create value for the firm. You must how the value created in the corporate value chain becomes valuable in the market place.  Number of references needed: 12 (at least 5 journal articles)Chicago Style1000 words Essay Marketing Guide: Value that is created is accurately identifiedEnvironmental factors on which this value is based are identified and argument substantiated. Competency is accurately identified. Basis of competency, including linkages, is argued and substantiated.Quaity of research is high; visual presentation quality is high. Referencing is good.  Please contact me only if you are an experienced writer as i will be expecting to get a good grade.Upon engaging you to write for me, should i receive bad work from you, i will not hesitate to rate you poorly.  

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