stress test on a group’s investment strategy in the Australian Stock Exchange

Project description
For my finance assignment, we have to implement an investment strategy ( find in attachment) on the Australian stock exchange:
The idea is as an investor you have 1 million pounds that you should invest in a 3 month period following the strategy attached and calculate the final return on investment for the investor. The investment period is 3 months and the strategy should be stress tested on three periods: a bear, neutral and bull market (analysis can be limited to 5 to 10 stocks/bonds). When the strategy doesn’t work, please note that it doesn’t and come up with a solution how to change the step so it could be implemented on the
please also send me the calculations and excel sheet to proof the strategy.
Added on 03.05.2016 08:29
I attached the group strategy that has to be stress tested on three different periods (bull, neutral, and bear market). Please don\”t forget to send me the excel sheet with the calculations, please apply the whole strategy on the report for the Australian stock exchange, and see how high would be the return on the portfolio for each period. (for each period to know if it was a positive or negative return). The stress testing needs to be done on all 3 periods otherwise you cannot do a proper stress testing.
i have to criticise the strategy of this group, so don\”t forget to give me points where the strategy couldn\”t be applied on the australian market, and try to explain how to change the strategy so that it would work.
if any questions please let me know as soon as possible
note that it is an investment strategy what has to be tested on the real market with the 3 periods (bullish, bearish, neutral) that appeared in the australian stock exchange. please also add on in the report (its a report:stress testing report) some supporting graphs, datas you found for this australian stock exchange testing
Instruction files

group_1_investment_strategy_presentation.pptx(2,60 MiB)
group_1_bullish_investment_-_fmi_report-1.pdf(2,92 MiB)

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