Syrian refugees, how the European Union has dealt with it and their plan to deal with it and why the U.S. should help deal with the crisis

Project descriptionMY PROFESSOR USES SAFEASSIGN TO CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM. Syrian refugees crisis, how the European Union has dealt with it and their plan to deal fix the problem, and why the U.S. should help deal with the crisis. give background information on the syria civil war. requirements: An introductory paragraph: Here you identify the general topic and the research question or problem (that is, the question that the thesis statement of your paper will answer). You should also establish the significance of your research.2. A section that describes the larger historical context and perspective on your topic: Try to identify the major trends in the literature on your topic, and very briefly review that literature. Who has written on the topic, and what have they found? What questions remain to be answered? Restate your question in the context of this literature review, showing how it fits into this larger picture.3. A section describing your methodology: In this section, you describe your plan of attack that is, how you will approach your problem, and what sources you will use.
4. In the final paragraph(s), discuss what you expect will result from your research (your hypothesis ) and reiterate how it fits into the larger historical perspective on the topic. 5. You must also include a bibliography that lists the articles and books you plan to use in your paper.

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