The Great Gatsby ZH

Points to be used in the argument.

-Money can help spark love but it cannot buy love
-Women\’s obsession of wealth gave rich men the mentality that money can buy them love.
-Gatsby fueled by his eras mentality thought he could win his loved one using his wealth.

Tom Buchanan:
– Love affair with Myrtle Wilson for sexual pleasure.
– Talk about his lavish lifestyle and his beautiful wife Daisy Buchanan.

Myrtle Wilson
– Having an affair with Tom Buchanan to escape poverty.
– Talk about her poor life in the city of ashes.

Jay Gatsby:
– His love story with Daisy before and after she got married.
– Getting involved in illegal business to gain wealth and stats to win Daisys heart

Daisy Buchanan:
– She loved jay Gatsby but married tom Buchanan because he is wealthy.

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