The Odd Couple( play by Neil Simon) for my Theater class

Critique Essay ( no need to have a source) that shows more of the authors personality. This does not excuse the author from covering important points that should be covered in a critique (like names of actors, the name of the show, important ideas that the show covers, etc) Have a point of view; state your mind and SUPPORT THIS
WITH EXAMPLES FROM THE PRODUCTION. Do not leave your commentary unsupported and remember,it is OK to not like what you saw but it is unacceptable to have no examples of what you did not like. Avoid using colloquial expressions and you had better have an excellent, undeniable, unquestionable reason for any use of profanity. P.S (I can send you an example of an crtique essay that the instructor sent us to know how should it be like please let me know if you want me to send it to you )

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