The Pacific series

Project description
Here is my little tutorial on how to write a
movie review- – –

1)Basic plot, outline the characters and storyline as a form of the introduction.
2)Talk about the characters, personification, interaction and development throughout the film.
3)Discuss the good and bad points of the film:
A)camera work, effects, angle
B)acting good and bad
C)introduction and ending of the film – – – was it creative? Imaginative?
D)violence, sex, language: – – – needed? Wanted? or unnecessary?

A.Actively watch the movie – – – Yes, recognize that movie watching is a passive activity. Watching a movie isnt something you do, it is something that happens to you. However, if you want to write a good review you have to learn to look at movies with a critical eye. This means you need to pay attention to everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Notice how the actors are placed in each shot, the setting, the camera angles and the music. All of these elements play a role in the story.
B.Take NOTES – – – but remember Summarize – – -this is important……Think about those papers you have to write for a college lit class. The professor didnt want you to just tell him what the book was about but wanted you to break down the themes in the book and how they related to the plot, the characters, etc. Well the same is true for a movie review. A good movie review will examine the themes or ideas the movie raises . . . talk about how well or not so well the movie executed those themes and ideas.
C.Point out the pros and cons – – -No movie is perfect and rarely is any movie all bad, so take the time to talk about what the movie does well and what it does not so well. Dont be afraid to state your opinion. Have a balance of serious analysis and humor. Deadly serious reviews can be quite stagnant, whereas reviews that continually focus on humor come off as amateur and un-analytic.
D.Finally go on-line and punch in the question, How true is the film, .and put the title of your film in . . . See what is said about.what is true and what is pure fiction.

Films for Review: These are just a very fewthere are hundreds to choose from . . . do a little research.
If you know a film that should be on this list – – – e-mail me with your suggestion . . . give me a detailed synopsis of the film.
The Pacific series

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