The research topic for these articles is” Alcoholism and it’s psychological effect on minors today”

Instructions for Assignments #3 A Literature Review of three (3) texts (be it journal articles or chapters of a book that specializes on your topic) that have to do with your research topic. Due on May/10/2016  Review should be one (1) page long or at least a minimum of one paragraph. You don’t have to use up a whole page per review (that might proof to be a tad wasteful in terms of quantity of paper): if there’s still enough unused space you can continue on with your next review in the same page (just leave at least a space between reviews). Before the reviews, at the top of the first page, there should be a brief section in which you state your research topic and your possible research problem. Now here’s a subtle but significant addition to the prior instructions: In assignment #3 you have to identify a possible theoretical framework or perspective The purpose of the literature review for assignment #3 is that it should help you limit and identify a theoretical perspective or framework.  The three (3) reviews, following a Microsoft Word format, a letter size twelve (12) and a spacing of one and a half (1.5) between sentences (or line spacing in the paragraph options).  Specific instructions for the Literature ReviewEach review must contain the following information, (which is based on Mertens [2010] outline and suggestions [p.111]), but organized and written in the form of a paragraph (or paragraphs):1. Instead of a “title”: the author, name of the article and source following the APA format.a. Aside from this first point, the rest of the information must be written in the form of a paragraph (in a precise and clear matter).2. The topic and problem studied by the author or authors.3. The paradigm or theoretical model used.4. The design, which might include:a. Type of samplingb. Characteristics of participantsc. Data collection instruments and methods5. Data Analysis Strategy.6. Results.7. Conclusions.8. Your own evaluation of the text. Explain how this research might be of interest to your own research and, if you find it agreeable, give any constructive criticisms you can offer

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