The resiliency of energy-sustainable solutions in Saudi Arabia

Project description
The main elements in the project are;
Energy , Resilience , Sustainable ,Urban futures and Domestic building sector
You should consider ;
1- This should focuses in the local context and conditions.
2- We are assessing and analyzing the resiliency of the sustainable energy solutions in Saudi Arabia.
3- Important part of the methodology will be a compression in many ways between Saudi Arabia and The United Kingdom in implementing the energy options. The cities will be selected later on.
4-In some how , you have to linked this project with economic, social advantages and community ,
5-Saudi Arabian people they have their own culture and behavior, so the sustainable solutions will be changed or adapted to be implemented in this country.
5-Saudi Government vision: (Saudi vision 2030)
6- Changing from petroleum to alternative solutions.
7-Saudi Arabia government want to search and find alternative energy Sustainable solutions.But there are problems and challenges.
8 -You may write one sentence about there is uncertainty about the availability of the data in Saudi Arabia.
9 – You should write about there is kind of risk to collect data from Saudi Arabia , but this is depend to what kind of information we may need. But collecting data from The UK maybe not difficult.
Added on 30.04.2016 10:31
Some useful references and guides; ( we are not using the tool in this website, but this website have some ideas)

Please use articles from 2014 until now.
1- Should be one direct and clear aim and number of objectives.
2- Use an appropriate contents.
3- When you write , you should assume that the reader do not about the subject.
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Hi .. 1- We are talking about energy solutions, which mean oil , solar , wind etc. Basically we cannot wrote a system. You was describing a system , which is not the case. We are discussing how can sustainable solutions can be implemented in Saudi Arabia in terms of resiliency. ( we are not using the tool in this website, but this website have some ideas) This website can show you the idea , but it is related to water. 2- There is should a main aim. 3- Your objectives should more critical and direct not in general, 4- This should focuses in the local context and conditions. Because the teacher will expect the proposal about Saudi Arabia and the United-kingdom , this is way I put those; You should use them to build up the proposal. And other references related to Saudi And the UK, 5- Methodology: Should explain that there is will be a primary ( data collection) and secondary studies (literature review)

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Dear writer – I still don’t want use word “System” – The main objective is not clear – The questions should be developed, especially no.3 – You have to use articles which discussed Saudi Arabia, and the UK , as you are using general references. -You have to speak about the oil and solar energy.

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Hi.. I am still not seeing the solar energy as the Saudi Arabia have a great future with this option. Plus you still not useing any references talking about Saudi Arabia or The UK. I already attach things about Saudi Arabia for you. Check the links in the order.

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