this subject is Managing Global Supply Chains ,total have 4 topic , please choose one to write .

Project description
1. Critically discuss using at least two organizational examples How can organizations use inventory management in their supply chains to drive the performance of their businesses.
2. Explain the importance of an effective supply chain strategy in achieving organizational objectives. How might organizations compete with their supply chains?
3. Critically discuss the following statement We are moving into a period where forecasting is becoming more difficult and we are going to have to be more demand driven responding to events as they happen.
4. What are sustainable supply chains? Critically discuss, using examples, the following statement Sustainability is embedded in the wider societal and cultural context and are structural problems with long term solutions that cannot be addressed by individual organizations alone.
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i upload some files. please see it .
it is very important .
please see these files ,then start to write the essay .
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please see these ppt. and use these information to write this essay . 4 topic please choose one to write .
Instruction files

assignment_2015_gscm.pdf(214,70 KiB)
case-bullwhipeffect.pptx(281,80 KiB)
lecture_4-warehousingdistribution.pptx(188,04 KiB)
session_5_global_scm.pptx(1,06 MiB)
n1543_assignment_may2016.pdf(143,70 KiB)
lecture_1-introductiongscm_om.pptx(578,63 KiB)
lecture_6-introductionoutsourcing_cb.pdf(3,26 MiB)
lecture_7-supply_chain_tradeoffs.pdf(5,62 MiB)
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1432169_improtance_of_an_effective_supply_chain_strategy_rev4.doc (44,50 KiB)
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The teacher said those are strategies . And choose one (efficient and responsive , lean and agile , push and pull) to write part one . And he said I need modified
Old files
1432169_improtance_of_an_effective_supply_chain_strategy.1.doc(44,00 KiB)
did u finished or not? i am very confusion i think should be a whole essay . should be included — introduction , main body and conclusion .

1432169_improtance_of_an_effective_supply_chain_strategy_r.2.doc(45,00 KiB)
i asked my teacher ,the teacher said should balance two parts. and how to compete , should be divided 2 parts to analysis . the one reliable t supply chain . the other one is unreliable supply chain . then, compare these two areas . so, please add more sentences for how compete . thanks

1432169_improtance_of_an_effective_supply_chain_strategy_rev2.3.doc(45,00 KiB)
i also think have some problem for this essay . so i asked my teacher again , how to write this essay. He said that we should use examples and that we can look at the strategy the firm used to gain its goals, Whether for example it uses differentiation or cost leadership the goals will be different so we have to explain why their supply chain will help them achieve the goals they have for their strategy. and you can explain the second part by using two examples and show how they compete, if based on cost leadership, being lean, or differentiation please modification this essay . thanks if you have any problem ,please contract me ASAP. and if you need more time to modification, please tell me thanks

1432169_improtance_of_an_effective_supply_chain_strategy_rev3.4.doc(43,50 KiB)
please see the introduction and the conclusion . i find have some problem . for example: In this paper, advantages such as reduced stock costs, reduced administration costs, and competitive edge via fundamental competencies among other factors will be discussed. i did not find any these information in whole essay . please check again . please be careful . be careful , be careful . thanks

1432169_improtance_of_an_effective_supply_chain_strategy_rev4.5.doc(44,50 KiB)
did u use any strategy for part one ?

1432169_improtance_of_an_effective_supply_chain_strategy_rev4.6.doc(44,50 KiB)
thanks for u rely me message . i read this paper already in this paper ,use the apple for example to support 3 way .( 1, reduce the operational costs. 2 control the inventory 3 differentiation ) i am not sure control inventory , reduct the operational cost and differentiation are strategies or not ??? i do the search in google ,i didi not find any information to show control inventory , reduct the operational cost and differentiation are strategies . i am very confuse about this. please help me so , tmr i asked u didi u use any strategy . to be honest , i am so sorry . thanks for patience with me.

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