topic related to the women’s fitness wear buying behavior/men’s cosmetics buying behavior/women’s technology product buying behavior analysis

Project description
To educate others about your research topic;
To get feedback/critique from peers before submitting your assessment
To network with other students who are interested in the same research
1. Working Title
2. Background into the proposed research topic
Justification/Rationale Why did you want to investigate this area? Who could benefit from the results?
Invest time in explaining a compelling reason for the study rather than just showing past literature that found similar results.
Purpose Exactly why you want to research this area?

3.One Research question and 3 research objectives (4th objective can be recommendation)
The research question which is one overall question
Research objectives (3 different research objectives) must be clear statements that identify what the research process seeks to achieve. This must relate to the research question/topic
Both research question and the three research objectives must relate to the literature review
4. Academic context (Literature Review)
Top 5 lists of the most important or significant studies, theories/models/framework
How relevant are the mentioned studies, theories/models/framework?

5. References
Use appropriate grammar and spelling.
Use phrases instead of sentences as much as possible.
oUse active, not passive, verbs.
oUse bullets.
oProvide visual cues to guide readers through your poster.
oMake it aesthetically pleasing (because it enhances a persons desire to read it).
oUse figures, diagrams, graphics, or easytoread tables to explain/illustrate ideas or findings.
oNote: Using graphics downloaded from the Internet will often look terrible when printed; especially if you make the image bigger.
oImages should only be used when they complement/explain the subject matter.
oAvoid background graphics that make the text difficult to read.
oMaintain logical column alignments.
oColour is encouraged, but limit the number of colours to create an overall theme for the poster.
oUse a lightcoloured background with black or darkcoloured text printed.
oUse large enough print, graphs, charts, or designs to be read easily from a distance of at least 1 meter.
You are required to investigate a relevant business issue and will contribute to existing knowledge. It is imperative that you complete the following learning outcomes, see below:
Learning Outcomes: Presentation
1. Research topic investigates an area of business and justifies the focus of the study as well as the significance of the study
2. Compile an appropriate literature that informs an appreciation of complexity of the chosen business issue to be investigated
3. Develop three different aims and objectives are clearly stated and relevant to the area of research highlighted in the abstract and based on the review of literature
Your research proposal MUST be in line with your specialisation.

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