Unit 7 Assignment

Instructions:  Go to the CMS.gov Home Health Compare website at:  Source: Home Health Compare. Medicare.gov. Retrieved from  Explore the site including the green link “About the Data” and the blue side bars “Home Health Spotlight” and “Additional Information” and answer the following questions: o List a way in which “Home Health Compare” can be utilized; o What is the difference between “process” and “outcome” care measures? o What are the current data collection periods for the home health available measures? o What is the data source for the majority of the process and outcome measures? o How is the data collected? o What is meant by the term “risk adjusted” as it relates to outcome measures? o Review the Medicare coverage for Home Health. What are the typical services covered and not covered? o What is the HHABN and how it is utilized?  Conduct a search for a home health agency in your state by using the “find a Home Health Agency” search box. Narrow your search by using the “Modify Your Results” if you choose.  Choose three agencies to compare and click “compare now.” o What type of services are provided? Are there any services not provided? o Write a 2-–3 paragraph summary of the results of the “Quality of Patient Care” results for your three agencies. Include the following:  Provide an explanation of the data and why the information is important for the selected measures. 2  How your selected agencies compare to the state and national averages for the selected measures.  Why is preventing unplanned hospital care important? Requirements  Provide the answers to the questions and your 2–3 paragraph summary in a Word document submitted to the Unit 7 Dropbox. Please be sure to download the file “Writing Center Resources” from Doc Sharing to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments.

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