Each DQ need to be between 75 to 150 words each.  DQ 1 Describe how a properly designed logistics-supply chain network could benefit an organization. How can improved design create value in customer service, lower costs, and promote timely delivery? Redesigning the supply chain network can provide a key competitive advantage.Identify a least one way your organization could benefit from a supply chain network redesign. Discuss at least one example of an area of opportunity for improvement. Describe how a redesign might favor your organization\’s competitive advantage, from a strategic position.Identify some of the best practices that leading companies using supply chain network redesign have embraced. DQ 2In order to ensure the value and quality of their products or services, many organizations are promoting the use of formal qualifications and certifications for their suppliers. New evaluation approaches, such as those developed by TQM, Six Sigma, and ISO, offer improved value and quality assurance. 

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