.Write a 2 part 1-2 Page paper analysis about the following considerations

The next step of your business plan will focus on detailing your business\’ daily operations. Questions that should be answered will surround the business operation, processes and people.Write a 2 part 1-2 Page paper analysis about the following considerations: Will you offer products / services? How will they be produced? Customer Service? Inventory Control? Will you only be internet based? Quality Control?What are the costs associated with running your business? Estimate potential expenses such as purchasing a domain will you purchase bulk, and privacy protection, purchasing an SSL certificate (online safeguard for personal data and credit card numbers) web hosting, business license, rent, utilities, equipment (pc/mac, cell phone) printer, shipping costs, internet access, business logo, marketing, merchant account, maintaining the website, utilities, insurance, or remodeling spaces to suit your needs.What will your business hours be?

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