Why students fail to do their assignments?

Assignments are one of those academic activities which you are supposed to deal with at all levels of degree programs; from high school to university. With the increase in level of your studies, your level of approaching and completing different tasks is also expect to elevate; same goes for your assignments.  It is not easy for all of the students to maintain a particular required level and those with weak writing skills and understanding of language often fail to do so. Particularly at university level, majority of the students have jobs and some of them are even married. Students who fall in this category are bound to juggle between their home, job and studies and quite frankly, this leaves them in no good condition. Such students are either unable to complete their task on time or they cannot pay as much time as they should to any task at hand. Then comes the type of students who have changed their institution in mid of the year; in case of high school  or college, and those who, after gaining their college level studies from some average college, have come far away from their hometown to study in better universities. Both these types of students may face enormous difficulty in adopting the new assignment-making style, standards and instructions, especially in the cases where students from average colleges go to well-known and high merit universities.

There are students who fail to give enough time to their assignments due to excessive workload; there are those who are currently stuck in some other indispensable crucial tasks; those who are currently facing some traumatic situation in their life and find it impossible to focus on their work and those who, after getting admission to better institutions, just can’t keep pace with other students and need some time to make themselves well acquainted with the new working criteria and styles.

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