Capstone Project

Capstone projects are graduate and postgraduate levels’ culminating assessment projects which mostly are compulsive (elective in case of some institutions) for final-year students and carry a great deal of weightage in determining their final grades. What capstone projects actually are? Capstone project, also referred as culminating project, is a multidimensional project which involves following goals:

  • Selecting a real world problem
  • Reviewing all available literature which addressed the problem under focus
  • Conducting research on how to solve the problem
  • Giving your own suggestions and ways to approach and then deal with the problem
  • Proposing an applicable design/model which reflects your conclusions

There are several reasons for which students are asked to undergo this daunting academic task. Capstone projects enable students to polish their problem solving, intellectual, critical thinking, communication and public dealing skills and let them learn how to integrate and employ their theoretical knowledge into practical.

Depending upon which field of study which students choose to work on, there are different forms of capstone projects. Some of these are making a short documentary film and then making it get aired, designing a product aimed to facilitate a particular set of customers, working as an internee in some nonprofit organization (NGO) and propose set of policies and strategies which can strengthen the activities of that organization, interning in any company or factory and device new policies which can increase the profits or conducting a research study to deal with a specific question.

Conducting a fruitful and effective capstone project is one thing, but writing an impressive report of that project is what can create an actual impact on evaluator. There are two aspects of capstone project which cause student to feel rather confused; one is designing the project and second is driving conclusion and suggestions out of the whole study.

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