For a healthy client-server relationship, it is necessary for both parties to know the terms and conditions set by each other. In this very regard, humbly requests its new customers to make yourself well acquainted with the company’s policies before you place any order. In case you already are our client, then it is highly advised to keep up with all the updates made in our policies which are available on our website.  Formulation of reasonable and beneficial guarantees is what we responsibly offer our customers. Money Back Guarantee, privacy Policy, Guarantee of Plagiarism-Free work, Revision and Privacy Policies and other Terms and Conditions. Under the influence of all these policies, we preserve our customers from any kind of unlikeable and embarrassing experience.

Money Back Guarantee

In case of any issues regarding the hired services, the Money Back Guarantee of our company is there to make the clients feel secure. Clients can claim for refund at any stage and the interests will be returned right away. Quite proudly, we can claim that the levels of satisfaction are significantly high and the number of refund claims is next to none. Even if such claim is made, the fast track refunding is ensured to avoid any further grievances and the claimed interest is returned to the customer within a short time period of 4 to 6 working days.

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Revision Policy

Your content secures the number one position on our company’s priority list. To prioritize the satisfaction of customers, has dedicated a whole policy, the revision policy. In accordance to this policy, any customer, who is not satisfied enough with the task done, can request for a revision of the texts and we are always at service to fulfill your demands while aiming to maintain a high quality in each order we take and by far we are successful in doing so.

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Privacy Policy

Very often, privacy concern is the most serious of the concerns one has while getting involved in online business. Phone numbers, postal and email addresses and all such bits of personal information you wouldn’t want any irrelevant person to know. The privacy of clients is of supreme importance for any company and so is the case with ours. The privacy policy of is available on the website, it can be viewed and should be viewed by clients since to some extent it is a client’s responsibility too to make sure that their private information is not at risk.

The information provided by customers is used by the company in order to better the web page content and for the customization of the web page’s layout. Under any given circumstances, no information of clients is ever shared, sent, sell or showed to any third/irrelevant individual or group except in the case of anonymous aggregate data.

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Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

For any writing services offering company, the most crucial quality defining factor is the originality of the work done by it. Here, at foxwriting.comwe take a great deal of care in screening each piece of writing for any kind of copied material. We have employed sensitive and highly efficient plagiarism-detecting softwares which are constantly upgraded. We

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Terms & Conditions

Any of the services purchased by the customers is for no other use but personal. By placing order or submitting the said payment, customers become bound to abide by this rule. The services of freelancing writers are paid and owned by the company. Before placing orders, it is highly suggested that you carefully read and understand our terms and conditions.

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