5-7 page English Research Paper

Your paper should be between 5-7 ages with a properly written MLAWorks Cited page. This paper is a research paper that must incorporate at the number of stipulated secon source material noted on the assignment. I strongly suggest you stick to the from topic at hand in a very focused manner. Do not-I repeat do not-launch into a missive on life as we know it today. This a period paper. Read the directions very carefully because I will not give partial credit for papers that do not follow the specific instructions below You will probably receive an F for a paper that strays from the assignment. Your secondary source material must be from the OCC library webpage. Use a creative specific title that reflects the content of your paper and avoid at all costs, titles such as \”Essay #2 on Realism\” or \”Comparing Chopin and Glaskell\” OPTION A) This essay will integrate both the secondary sources from the textbook plus at least three other secondary ACADEMIC sources (that means not Wikipedia and sites of that ilk)/ Your essay will discuss two of the 3 stories we have read by Gilman, Chopin, and Glaspell. All of these short works end with a husband or a wife who has collapsed or is dead. Your essay should analyze, and draw similarities and /or contrasts between the stories as indirect commentaries on turn-of-the-century views on marriage and divorce discussed in the contextual essays in the unit. In other words, your discussion points about the topic at hand should be backed up by and cite proof from the prose works. Your works cited page should include primary and secondary sources you refer to and there must also be appropriate in- text citations in MLA format. Stories to be written in are: 1. The Yellow Wallpaper by Gilman. 2. Story of an Hour by Chopin. 3. A Jury of Her Peers by Glaspell. I will give Ocean County College login info so you can obtain certified aources from their page. Thanks

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