The course project, Solving a Business Problem, is an opportunity to solve a problem of interest to you from the situations you read about in scenarios describing a fictitious case company, RPZ Marketing. By working on a topic of interest, your concentration on applying problem solving, research, critical thinking, and academic writing can help you develop a business perspective pertinent to your current or future professional activities.The largest assignment in this project is to write a research paper on the problem that you choose. This paper requires a level of inquiry that uses critical thinking and analysis to support your opinion on a topic. Your research paper will involve becoming familiar with expert opinions to build a case for your problem statement. The research paper\’s key purpose is to go beyond a simple compilation of what experts have published and provide the background you need to propose a solution to a specific problem.Each unit in this course focuses on a particular aspect of a business. In each unit, you will read about that aspect, discuss the meaning and implications of what you have read, and view a scenario related to that aspect in the fictitious case company. In each unit, you will also have a writing assignment. Seven of the assignments (in Units 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10) constitute steps in the course project, five of which build to the research paper, which is due in Unit 9. The Unit 5 assignment guides you in defining the specific problem that you plan to address, the Unit 7 assignment guides you in identifying research sources that inform potential solutions, and the presentation you prepare in Unit 10 asks you to use the results of your research to propose what you see as the best solution to the business problem you identified. Because this is a business course, you will prepare that presentation as a concise, clear proposal to the RPZ Executive Team. 

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